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Cast List for "Disney's Peter Pan Jr."

Congratulations to the cast of "Disney's Peter Pan Jr.". We want to thank everyone who auditioned for taking the time to share his or her talent with us. We wish we could cast everyone who auditioned - what a talented group of kids!

The first cast meeting will be on Saturday, February 7 at 1:00 PM at the old Sports Authority building two doors west of Old Navy at South Towne Centre, 10230 S. State.

An adult from each family needs to attend the cast/parent meeting. The cast meeting will last till about 2:30. After the cast meeting, the parents will be excused and the cast will rehearse till about 4:00.

Please Note:

  • The cast fee is due at the cast meeting. Please bring cash or check made out to the Sandy Arts Guild. The fee is $20 fee; $10 for each additional family member.
  • Parents, please bring your calendars so you can sign-up for supervision times.
  • An email will be sent by Thursday, February 5 with more details about the cast meeting. All parents/cast members need to reply to the email by noon on Friday so we can prepare for the cast meeting.

Please send inquiries to

Luke Wilhite - Peter Pan
Bryson Dashner - Cubby, Lost Boy
Noah Mayfield - Hop, Lost Boy
Ethan Tenney - Racoon Twin 2, Lost Boy
Parker Tenney - Racoon Twin 1, Lost Boy
Zane Valentine - Skunk, Lost Boy
Jagger Weichers - Fox, Lost Boy
Robert Cope - Squirrel, Lost Boy*
Jacob Harris - Wolf, Lost Boy*
Jacob Maag - Moose, Lost Boy*
Joshua Martin - Froggy, Lost Boy*
Zackary Roberts - Hoot, Lost Boy*
Ethan Vander Veur - Otter, Lost Boy*
Mia Benson - Wendy
Max Carter - John
Wyatt Mayfield - Michael
Annie Soderberg - Nana/Crocodile
Forrest Lorrigan-Sorensen - Captain Hook/Mr. Darling
Grant Fetzer - Smee
Hunter Hogan - Mean Murphy, Pirate
Curtis Klippel - Scottish Jukes, Pirate
Matthew Maag - Cockney Flint, Pirate
Becca Millington - Simpleminded Noodler, Pirate
Quincey Smith - Skylights, Pirate
Giselle Valentine - Clubfoot Cookson, Pirate
Kayla Dashner - Cross Patch, Pirate*
Mira Kocherhans - Vicky Viking, Pirate*
Issac Puente - French Pierre, Pirate*
Lindsey Soderberg - Greta, Pirate*
Faith Sorensen - Mad Maggie, Pirate*
Emily Tenney - Red Rosy, Pirate*
Melia Wihongi - Rouge Rita, Pirate*
Alyssa Koontz - Tinker Bell
Sydney Green - Lyria, Fairy
McKenzie Maag - Rosetta, Fairy
McKenna Rogers - Silvermist, Fairy
Ariana Wihongi - Vidia, Fairy
Anna Woods - Iridessa, Fairy
Jessica Woolley - Fawn, Fairy
Sabrina Wilhite - Tiger Lily/Mr. Darling
Micah Taylor - Chief Tiger Bamboo
Kjerstin Cope - Brave Pine, Indians
Jacob Schreiner - Brave Oak, Indian
Jessica Wilhite - Brave Shrub, Indian
Kaitlyn Bachman - Brave Berry, Indian*
Chelsea Ballou - Brave Juniper, Indian*
Lucy Ballou - Brave Willow, Indian*
Conner Green - Brave Cedar, Indian*
Treydon Green - Brave Sycamore, Indian*
Dorothy Lesueur - Brave Spruce, Indian*
Avery Smith - Brave Crab Apple, Indian*
Imogen Valentine - Brave Lilac, Indian*
Julia Wihongi - Brave Maple, Indian*
Katharine Hamilton - Andrina, Mermaid
Leah Jensen - Arista, Mermaid
Nicole Poelman - Adell, Mermaid
Kaitlyn Schreiner - Aquata, Mermaid
Katie Tenney - Allana, Mermaid
Madeline Vittum - Atina, Mermaid
Sophie Lo - Flower/Fish
Ellie Maag - Flower/Fish
Scarlet Nielsen - Flower/Fish
Emalee Sorensen - Flower/Fish
Maryanne Cope - Star/Seahorse
Garrett Schreiner - Star/Seahorse
Anya Solomon - Star/Seahorse
Isaiah Taylor - Star/Seahorse
Amelia Valentine - Star/Seahorse

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