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Cast for "Shrek the Musical"


Congratulations to the cast of "Shrek the Musical!"  We want to thank everyone who auditioned for taking the time to audition for us. It was a very talented audition pool.


The first cast meeting will be on Saturday, May 30, 9:00 AM till about 12:30 PM at the old Sports Authority Building, 10250 South State Street (just west of Old Navy and Buy Buy Baby). Following the cast meeting there will be a read/sing thru. Please check your email by mid-week for details and assignments for the cast meeting. Please send inquiries to


Shelby Maughan - Shrek

Danny Eggers - Donkey

Ashley Stonebraker - Fiona

Chad McBride - Farquaad, Happy People

Mindy Pack - Dragon

Drew Thompson - Pinocchio

Micki Martinez - Gingy,3 Blind Mice, Rat, Duloc Featured Dancer

Ethan Vander Veur - Young Shrek, Fairy Tale Character, Duloc Dancer

Sofie Oldroyd - Teen Fiona, Happy People, Guard

CC Keel - Young Fiona, 7 Dwarf

Alexsys Campbell - 3 Blind Mice, Fairy Tale Character, Duloc Dancer

Devin Clark - Rat, Happy People, Guard

Nate Dickey - 3 Little Pig, Thelonius, Knight, Guard

Lauren Fairbanks - Little Rabbit, 7 Dwarf, Happy People

Meghan Fellows - Ugly Duckling, Duloc Dancer

Heather Fisher - Fairy Tale Character, Rat, Happy People, Duloc Featured Dancer

Thomas Fisher - Peter Pan, Rat, Happy People, Duloc Dancer

Jaden Habovstak - Mad Hatter, Duloc Dancer

Jennifer Hamilton - Fairy Tale Character, Rat, Duloc Featured Dancer

Katharine Hamilton - Fairy Tale Character, Happy People, Duloc Dancer

Cody Harman - 3 Little Pig, Knight, Duloc Dancer

Jacob Harris - Baby Bear

Jeff Kocherhans - Papa Bear, King Herald, Knight, Guard

Caroline May - Sugar Plum Fairy, Rat, Duloc Featured Dancer

Arianna McBride - Fairy Tale Character

Aleisha Meier - Fairy Tale Character, Rat, Guard

Cindi Meier - Mama Ogre, 3 Little Pig, Guard

Erika Nelson - 3 Blind Mice, Humpty Dumpty, Guard

Sasha Nugter - Fairy Tale Character, Rat, Happy People, Duloc Featured Dancer

Mikaela Oliphant - Fairy Tale Character, Rat, Duloc Featured Dancer

Jessame Petersen - Mama Bear, Rat, Duloc Dancer

Josh Rogers - Pied Piper, Guard, Happy People

Maddy Rush - Elf, Rat, Duloc Featured Dancer

Louden Self - 7 Dwarf

Aubrey Sharp - Witch, Guard

Larissa Villers - Queen Lillian, White Rabbit, Rat, Duloc Featured Dancer

Amy Wadsworth - Fairy Godmother, Rat, Happy People, Duloc Featured Dancer

Jason Wadsworth - Papa Ogre, Wolf, Knight, Guard

Jessica Wadsworth - Happy People

Kira Wadsworth - Fairy Tale Character, Rat, Duloc Dancer

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