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Cast List - Disney's the Little Mermaid

Congratulations to the cast of "Disney's The Little Mermaid!". We want to thank everyone who auditioned for taking the time to audition for us. It was a very talented audition pool.

The first cast meeting will be on Tuesday, May 31, 7:00-10:00 PM at Mount Jordan Middle School, 300 East 9400 South. Following the cast meeting there will be a read/sing thru. Please check your email later this week for details and assignments for the cast meeting. Please send inquiries to

Please note: A dance shoe was left during callbacks. If it belongs to you, please send an email to

Cast list:

Ali Wood - Ariel
Russell Maxfield - Prince Eric
Mindy Pack - Ursula
Daniel Eggers - Sebastian
Noah Mayfield - Flounder
Monte Garcia - King Triton
Nikole Higgins - Flotsam
Jason Campbell - Jetsam
Kurt Christensen - Scuttle, Chef, Fish
Shelby Maughan - Chef Louie, Pilot
Jason Wadsworth - Grimsby, Fish in Band
Dallin Lewis - Windward, Sailor, Courtier
McArthur Cottam - Leeward, Sailor, Courtier
Brynnly Bosworth - Andrina, Seagull, Sting Ray, Swan
Sara Coombs - Arista, Maid, Duck, Princess
Katelyn Schroeder - Aquata, Swan, Chef
April Thomas - Adella, Featured Seagull, Sting Ray, Swan
Taylor Thompson - Attina, Featured Seagull, Colorful Fish, Duck
Kassandra Torres - Allana, Colorful Fish, Swan
Alanna Cottam - Princess, Maid, School of Fish, Snail
JaNae Cottam - Princess, Maid, Fish in Band, Puppeteer
Nate Dickey - Sailor, Bass, Puppeteer, Courtier
Roberto Fernandez - Sailor, Fish in Band, Puppeteer, Courtier
Alyssa Fowlks - Princess, Sword Fish, Flamingo
Spencer Hamby - Sailor, Fish, Puppeteer, Courtier
Christian Harmon - Sailor, Chef, Sea Horse, Dragonfly
Jeremy Heaps - Sailor, Chef, Jelly Fish, Pelican, Courtier
Morgan Hekking - Princess, Maid, Jelly Fish, Flamingo
Dae Marcuz - Sailor, Chef, Sea Horse, Dragonfly
Sasha Nugter - Seagull, Chef, Star Fish, Firefly
Mikaela Oliphant - Seagull, Chef, Leafy Sea Dragon, Firefly
Jessica Tobian - Princess, Puffer Fish, Pelican
Amy Wadsworth - Featured Seagull, Jellyfish, Snail
Jessica Wadsworth - Female Ensemble
Kira Wadsworth - Seagull, Squid, Puppeteer
Victoria Woodall - Chef, Lion Fish, Flamingo

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